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Experience world-class laboratory of temperature calibration facility by CHINO Corporation for your Radiation Thermometers and Thermocouples.

CHINO Corporation India PVT LTD has a world-class laboratory of temperature calibration service in India and we offfer calibration services for IR and Thermocouple from low temperature to high temperature range from 50°C TO 1450°C.

CHINO is expert of temperature and serving industries in the field of industrial process instrumentation and services of temperature management in industrial applications since 81 years. 


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CHINO Corporation India Pvt.Ltd

CHINO Corporation India Pvt.Ltd is 100% shareholding subsidiary of CHINO Corporation HQ, Tokyo, Japan. CHINO India is providing solutions for temperature measurement, monitoring and controlling for plant, factory and industrial applications in India based on Japanese Technology.

World class experience in India

Temperature Calibration Laboratory

The Temperature Laboratory in Navi Mumbai by CHINO is equipped with equipped with world class infrastructure, sophisticated Standard Radiation Thermometer, Standard Resistance Thermometer, Digital Multi Meter, Digital Indicating Thermometer and Black body Furnaces.The calibration procedure is conducted in the supervision of Japanese experts in the laboratory.  



The Trust of National Metrology Institute of Japan


Our laboratory equipment have been calibrated in accordance with National Standard of NMIJ (National Metrology Institute of Japan). CHINO Corporation India provides Infrared Radiation Thermometer calibration service for any model and any maker of IR thermometer and thermocouple temperature sensors for the temperature range of 50°C TO 1450°C.



World leader

Calibration System

CHINO manufacturers Blackbody Furnace by the joint research and development with the National Metrology Institute of Japan. And supplying calibration system for Radiation Thermometers and Thermocouples to the national laboratories of major countries in the world. 



International Standard

Calibration of Infrared Radiation Thermometer

Collaborative work with NMIJ and JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) brings uniqueness in our calibration laboratory and you can use this uniqueness now in Mumbai, India. You can get international standards facility for your Radiation Thermometer calibration, our standard radiation thermometer IR-RST90H and black body furnace IR-R24, 26, 27, IR-R8 and have been made for various calibration examinations and tests in accordance with uncertainty.



High Purity Material

Calibration of Thermocouple

In our temperature calibration lab we are using C005 standard thermocouple and KT-H504 which has been commercialized under the guidance of NMIJ and AIST. C005 is manufactured with material of high purity platinum (+ pole) and high purity palladium (- pole) to avoid the stability issues in metal manufactured thermocouple for calibration. 



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